Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – SevilOkumus

Sevil Okumus

Sevil Okumus – Turkey

Writing about cars was the last thing on my mind when I graduated from a Business School. My primary line of work has always been the “online” business. Despite ending up here by chance, it feels like it was meant to be in the sense that it uses all of my previous knowledge and experience, as varied as that is. I have been writing automotive news and articles covering various fields and aspects of the industry, generating & analyzing facts and figures regularly specially on used cars, intervieving industry leaders and preparing road test videos, broadcasting car events online for the public and writing, managing and publishing them.

National newspapers also publish some of my articles and analysis now and then too. Tasit.com is basicly a marketplace and a content portal for cars both for sale and rent where more than 3 million people visit monthly.

Through our portal we have access to 1.5 million registered car buyers and potential car buyers. And this pool is allowing us to research many aspects and generate unique data not known for the auto industry in Turkey. I gather, analyse and translate these data and share the insights with the automakers and other companies in the auto industry.

Automotive industry is in a rapid change maybe the fastest of it’s entire history, and I am very excited for the new developments specially on the sustainable, high-tech, autonomus, more practical and green side of the industry. Personal transportation is evolving and my passion is to deliver how this change is taking place to Turkish readers and auto enthusiasts. I have a variety of readers from all sorts of backgrounds and ages and it is a great pleasure for me to be able to create content that makes sense for people who are not into cars too.

It’s a great honor to be invited to jury of Women's World Car of the Year. It’s a funny thing that at first readers in my country did not believe that it was actually a woman who wrote all those articles about cars and auto industry. When they figured out that a female was actually writing about cars, a national newspaper interviewed me about it back in 2013. In such a used-to-be male dominated industry, I believe it is even more important to voice our point of view as women, from a smart, practical and useful angle for anyone who is interested.