Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – HoaHuyen

Hoa Huyen

Hoa Huyen – Vietnam

In 2006, I started to write about cars by chance . For beginning, I didn't have much knowlegde about cars because in Vietnam, the main kind of vehicle of Vietnamese is motorbike.

I always try to learn as much as possible everything about car and now car become one part of my life and my passion.

Now I can drive quite well and write about cars every day, I took part many car test drives in my country and also in Thailand, Arab Saudi... I have a customized Kia Pride and hope to buy a new one in the future (but the car price in Vietnam is terriblely high).

My main office is Laodong Newspaper, one of oldest newspapers in Vietnam but I frequently cooperate with many other automobile newspaper as Otoxemay magazine, Autonet magazine, Automobile industrie magazine... and some online newspaper in automobile section as VTC News, Zing News...

I know I have not much experiences about cars but I always want to learn and to improve my background about cars. That why being a judge in your awards is my occasion to have more knowlegde and experiences about car. It will help me to make friend with many people, almost woman, having the same passion with cars like me. I hope I can see you, Sandy and other judges in the near future to chat about cars and every things we like.

In other side, Vietnam car market growns very fast, most of carmakers in the world entered in Vietnam. Vietnamese readers, include women readers intested more and more in car informations but the number of female reporter in this section is very few. Being a judge in your awards is the way to let Vietnamese readers know more about international car market and also about the Association of female reporters. It will help Vietnamese woman know more about cars and choose one for them easier.