Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – Rita Cook

Rita Cook


American motoring journalist, Rita Cook, has been appointed to the jury panel for
Women’s World Car of the Year from 2017.
Rita is Editor-in- Chief of The Insider Mag, a travel magazine specialising in
automotive reviews and travel features. In the past 13 years, since she began writing
and editing, Rita has written over 1200 articles to her credit and a staggering 10
books. Rita’s books range in topics from metaphysical romance, to haunted
destinations, to a cocktail book and a book about independent film producing.
She divides her time between her homes in Dallas, Texas, and Paris, France, and
writes for a variety of additional outlets on numerous topics in addition to The
Insider Mag. She has a weekly auto column with The Washington Times, and a
regular automotive/travel blog with Huffington Post. Her weekly Saturday night
travel radio show “Bonjour World” can be heard on The Insider Mag WTIM radio
station at http://theinsidermag.com.
Before moving to Texas, Rita lived in Los Angeles where she was a well-known
entertainment journalist interviewing hundreds of celebrities and film-makers as
well as producing a number of what she calls “low budget films”.
Rita’s broad media experience and lengthy association testing new cars gives her the
ideal credentials to strengthen the jury of Women’s World Car of the Year. Her place
on the panel fills the considerable professional gap left by Holly Reich from New
York who passed away in October, 2016. Women’s World Car of the Year now
dedicates the Dream Car Award to Holly Reich.
“Being part of Women’s World Car of the Year jury is joining a group of women who
all have the same goals in the automotive world,” says Ms Cook.
“Women make some of the most important choices when it comes to buying vehicles
and it’s a powerful and dynamic market, as is the group of women who belong to this