Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – Francisca Munoz Matus

Francisca Munoz Matus

Francisca Munoz Matus – CHILE

Francisca Muñoz Matus is the founder of the first media outlet in Chile to
examine the auto industry from a female perspective. She is now a member of the
jury panel of Women’s World Car of the Year which will considerably strengthen the
awareness of the awards in South America.
She joins Alicia Ryzewski from Argentina and Isabel del Angel Negrete from Mexico
in the region. In fact, there are now five Spanish-speaking (as first language) women
motoring writers on the jury.
Francisca has been working in the automotive world for nearly seven years. She was
part of the writing staff of Automóvil Panamericano magazine, a Chilean franchise of
the magazine that originated in Mexico.
“At that time I became aware of the small space we had as women in the segment.
“Although the car brands have advanced since then they still think mainly of men in
their publicity and the way in which they sell a car.
“The information is delivered on the assumption the audience is composed only of
men,” she says.
“That’s despite the influence of women in the decision to buy a family car or the fact
their purchasing power has increased,” she asserts.
These were the reasons she decided to create Auto Mujer in a previously unexplored
market in Chile but with potential that continues to grow. She says it’s important to
expand the impact of this platform and it gives her the opportunity to develop
personally as an automotive specialist.
AutoMujer is nearly one year old. The website has over 15,000 monthly visits and is
growing “through hard work”. Social networks exceed that figure with the
AutoMujer reach on Facebook.
She has built up a relationship with the different brands in the Chilean market and,
such is her standing, is receiving new models to test drive and report on.
Francisca lives in Santiago where she studied journalism at Universidad de Chile.
Her partner, Mauricio Monroy, is in a similar line of business. He works for the
national media outlet Motores of La Tercera, and they have a four-year- old
daughter, Magdalena.
The automotive market in Chile, as in many countries, is competitive. Francisca says
there are more than 60 brands available and until AutoMujer appeared there was
nothing similar published so while hers is a relatively new media venture, she is
rapidly gaining considerable ground.