Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – Liza MariaRojas

Liza Maria Rojas

Liza Maria Rojas – Columbia

She is an automotive journalist and producer from Bogotá, the country’s capital city. She began writing motoring for a Chilean website (Autofact) and edited blogs at Neumarket in Mexico, before creating her own website, Mujeres y Autos.

It is the first automotive media outlet in Colombia directed towards women and reports on new car launches, the status of car brands, motorsport news and, of course, women and cars.

“So far there has been great acceptance from manufacturers, car clubs and allied media.”

She believes what has helped this acceptance is that Colombia signed Section J of the Beijing Platform, a commitment to producing positive images of and for women in the media, initiated at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995.

“I think, however, that in a sexist environment, women and cars can be viewed as antitheses,” she adds.

At home in Bogotá she shares a flat with her father and two cats, one called Ferdinand Porsche and the other Dominic Toretto which gives a clue to her passionate interest in cars. She credits her father, Juan Pablo, for fostering her early interest in the subject she now writes about.

She accompanied her father to the automotive shop and learned to drive properly before she was 13 years old. She also ‘tinkered’ with her brother’s ‘hot wheels’ but even before that she was showing an avid interest in things automotive.

“I built my first car for my Barbie doll out of a cardboard box and asked for a Porsche Boxster for Christmas and a VW Beetle for my friends!”

She began racing with video games before going on to compete for real in karts and touring cars. Her first appearance in touring cars was in October 2014 when she was invited to drive a racing-spec Nissan Sentra B13 at the Carrera de la Mujer (woman’s race) to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment.

“I started in seventh and then had a fierce battle for second place until my car was pushed off the track. But I still managed to finish third that day.”

In April 2017 she raced a Mitsubishi Lancer GL 1.3l in the same series as before, in the stock touring car category.She finished fourth.

“I was passed by turbocharged Audis and Suzukis and since that day I have been saving yet again to get my own car, secure sponsorship and get back to racing!”

She has attended Automóvil Club de Colombia's Karting School and entered the local media tournament TKP (Torneo Kart de Prensa), indoor kart racing. She has won several races and is always fighting for the title.

She says joining Women’s World Car of the Year is an honour, a privilege and a responsibility.

“It’s also an opportunity to meet women who have the same passions and concerns as me and provides an opportunity to learn from others on the jury,” she said.