Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction

The Judges – Michelle Ferreira

Michelle Ferreira

Michelle Ferreira –

Carol 16.00

Michelle writes reviews for the magazine and website and produces ‘all kinds’ of texts about cars.  From YouTube she records videos every week and has built up a following so that Autoesport channel has more than 100,000 followers.   https://www.youtube.com/user/Autoesporte/videos

She does not have a family background in motoring or motor racing, so her achievements have been won entirely on her own.  She says, however, that her mother, father and grandfather ‘love cars’ so there may be a vicarious family connection.  In fact, she says it was they who influenced her decision to think about cars and to eventually write and broadcast on the subject.  Her father is particularly passionate about Mercedes, she says.

At home in São Paulo, SP Michelle is married, and her immediate family consists of her husband, a cat and a dog.  Her husband works in marketing in São Paulo and her sister works in marketing in New York.

On being a woman motoring writer in Brazil, she says most of the time it’s easy.  However, there is a caveat.

“I think it’s necessary to prove more than the normal, to conquer your work space and your audience.

“It is often necessary not to care about any rude or sexist comments because, fortunately, they are in the minority.”